Dear the micronational community,

I apologize for how I have acted. I have been an annoyance to your society. I have attempted to stir up trouble when there was none. All I ever wanted was to be able to edit my own pages again. I am sorry if I insulted any of you. Aldrich Lucas, I no you only want me to go away and find out if my micronation is a lie. Truly, we are not lying, the UPUC citizenship may have seen unlikely but it was true. The reason why it was so high was because Chance had moved between many US states because his step father was part of the US military and made a lot of friends. Most of the population also was family members of Chance’s friends and my friends. After the UPUC fell we thought “ The citizenship was to high so lets limit our population to only the most active members” and then came the Kingdom of Zurdonia. The whole sock pupating thing was my mistake. I should have not let my friends use my email addresses. They did not want to use there parents email addresses because they did not want to be spammed with un needed emails which at the time we thought could not be changed by our user preferences. None of this is an excuse to get back on microwiki. I think that this is no excuse to be a jack ass either. I formally apologize to all micronations for my attitude and my poor choices and I wish we could put this behind us but I still will not lie and say that we lied about our citizenship. We did not and It was my mistake for not explaining it earlier.

Also I apologize to my own micronation for jeopardizing our security and giving us a bad name in the international community.

Thank you,

Vice President Riley Small of the Republic of Kozuc

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