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My fellow Ultamians and micronationalists,

Yesterday a post on MicroWiki was made by the leader of a nation called "Ommoasmall" leading a petition against United States president Barack Obama on legalising micronations as autonomous entities and able to carry on missions as independent governments.

I do not wish to offend this man for creating this petition but I do not believe he has that much of a foundation to set this statement of his on. There are two main reasons as to why.

1. As any American should know, there is nothing in the Constitution banning the creation of micronations. We create them to express ourselves and have fun, not to cause chaos like the leader of Ommoasmall is, in my opinion, trying to. Micronations were never considered illegal in the first place, so, by the title of the petition, it is irrelevant and a moot point.

2. By having Mr. Obama recognize micronations as autonomous the entire idea of micronationalism is ruined. Technically, this petition I am speaking of is trying to promote that micronations should be recognized. Even though the official petition does not say such, in fact it says that they shouldn't, the entire idea of the document is easy to understand. That micronations should be considered fully independent.

With new micronations being formed every day, and many within the terriotry of others, along with the fact that some, like Ultamiya, don't even want to become independent, this idea is sure to cause massive chaos and destruction among the micronational community. It is a purely bad idea.

I welcome all other micronational leaders to give their response on this issue.

-His Lordship, David Salapa

8:53 PM EST, August 28th, 2010

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