The UPUC is insulted by the cut of diplomatic relationions by the Kingdom of Zealandia . When we first heard of this from the CKA who has been watching your nation we contacted Chairman Chance. He said " you should not comment on our micronation and its internal workings". I the Secretary General Riley have been given the privladge to respond to you on behalf of our Junta. First things first, OUR government. We pledge our allegiance to Chance and we will not vote to get a new leader every year or so when Chance is the one who gave us our freedom. You may not consider our country free but we did not force our 71 citizens to join. Now the Ranger Police are only used if they are High Risk Targets to our nation and to the government. We do not use warrents in the Ranger Police but in our other police we do. Also the detention center is like the FBI detention center in which they must have a trial or reason after 32 hours. Our CKA is just for the benifit of the government and not to get rid of people rights. Okay and with Jahri he confessed to his crimes and in the UPUC there is no jury just the judge like in the US Supreme Court. Now that we have said this we are glad that your nation has cut the alliance with our nation for you are not considering the history of our government and its leadership. Also you did not read everthing about the stuff you talked about.

Not affraid to sign

Secretary General Riley of Pacific Grove

Rsmall1413 03:25, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

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