The UPUC Government has officialy reformed to a Military Junta. The Junta is the Only government branch but there still is a court. The Junta came to power peacefuly and without any argument. There is still the same leader , Chance, and the Same second in command, Riley.


The Government of the UPUC has changed. The government is now a Military Junta. The Head of the government is the Chairman. The Chairman is head for life. The Second in command is the Secretary General and the third in command is the chief counciler who is elected by the junta every six months.There is the Grand Junta who currently has 8 members and 2 minor members. Semi-members can not run for Chief Counciler. You can only run three times consecutivly for Chief Counciler and only four times in all. The chairman is Chance and the Secretary General is the same as before. There will be no more parliment and no more departments. There will also be no more War Council and none of the same positions as before. All information you have obtained by the department pages are to be forgotten for they are not part of our micronation. The Junta makes all of your desitions in the micronation. Junta means commity in spanish and now has come into the English language to mean a group of officials who make up a government. The commitie is headed by the Chairman who is the ruler. In the absence of the Chairman the rest will vote. The Junta has a large part in the government and it is not like a dictatorship because the unta can make desicions without the chairman and that is the seporation between the junta and a military dictatorship. The Chairman is the leader and he can decree what he wants and he can taake off any laws without the consent of the junta. Also the Chairman can put an official restriction on sertain decrees which do not alow the junta to change it in any way. The other two positions is the tresurer and the High Counciler. The semi members can run for both of these positions.

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