The UPUC charges ex-Secrtary of Labor and Transportation and Governer Sir Jahri of multiple charges against the state and the leaders of the UPUC. Many of these carry over from the old government but still is significint to the UPUC. The trial on August 29th will start at noon Pacific Time. Jahri is inisant until proven guilty in the UPUC and the Chief Judge is the final say in the matter of GP1.


  1. 2 counts of High Treason
  2. 1 count of abuse of the privlage to contact the Secretary General
  3. 1 count of working out side of the jurisdiction of his department
  4. 1 count of planning against the government
  5. 1 count of abuse of power as Secretay


Jahri was sentenced to a firing line of airsoft guns and he will be revoked of his citizenship until pardoned for crimes by the Chairman. Also jahri must comply with never serving as High Counciler or Chief Counciler as long as he may live. Also he must serve 10 minutes of detention by the CKA for not telling the whole truth in court and lieing to the government.

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