Article 1:

Clause 1: Any signing nations must have been active for at least 3 months prior to its application.

Clause 2: Any signing nation cannot be involved in a conflict that the UNCM has not already agreed to help find a peaceful solution

Clause 3: Any signing nations must be active for the first month of becoming a member, otherwise they will ejected for inactivity

Article 2:

Clause 1: Any Signed member must not coerce or threaten another member to agree or disagree with UNCM rulings

Clause 2: Any Signed member must be able to vote a Yes or No answer on any scenario within the standard 15 day voting term, any problem that arises must be mentioned to either the Secretary General or the Vice Secretary General.

Clause 3: Any Signed member may propose a Law or Motion during the General Assembly. On which the UNCM will vote as stated in Article 2, Clause 2.

Article 3:

Clause 1: The Secretaries of the UNCM will be voted on as stated in Article 2, Clause 2.

Clause 2: The Secretary General will have a term of 12 months; He/She She will only will they step down off vote if the General Assembly demands it or if a political or social change causes them to have to step down.

Clause 3: The Vice Secretary General has a term of also 12 Months. He/She will only will they step down off vote if the Secretary General demands it with the Approval of the General Assembly or if a political or social change causes them to have to step down.

Article 4:

Clause 1: The General Assembly is the main body of the UNCM. It is in charge of voting and politics

Clause 2: The General Assembly consisted of an Ambassador of Delegate from each member nation. This is required.

Article 5:

Clause 1: The Peace keeping force consists of signed members militaries.

Clause2: All signed and signing members have the right not to get involved in military conflict, though all members must contribute their military power to the peacekeeping force.

Clause 3: The Peacekeeping Force consisted of a Front line Corps and an Occupation Corps.

Clause 4: The Front Line Corps is a Unit for Battling in the initial conflict of a war.

Clause 5: The Occupation Corps is a Unit of Keeping domestic and Governmental Peace in an area where war as come.

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