The Triune Alliance Treaty is a treaty that is signed by all members of the Triune Alliance upon their entrance.

Text Edit

The contracting parties to this treaty affirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the armed unity and mutual friendship. hereby recognise that a state of mutual military and political alliance exists between our two nations in accordance with the following provisions agreed upon by both contracting parties. All parties recognise that a state of mutual military alliance exists between their nations in accordance with the following conditions agreed upon by all contracting parties.


(I) No contracting party shall undertake or assist in any aggressive military action, covert or overt, against the other.

(II) No contracting party shall intentionally militarally interfere in the internal affairs of the others without the express authorisation of competent government authorities.


(I) All contracting parties recognise that a state of full military alliance exists between them.

(II) Both contracting parties agree to offer one another unconditional military support in the event one enters into a state of armed conflict.

(III) In the event a contracting party enters into a state of armed conflict with a third party, and said contracting party is the aggressor in said conflict, then the other contracting party is obligated to:

(a) immediately undertake preparations for military mobilisation;
(b) automatically iniate the proper ratification process for a declaration of war against the third party, in accordance with the laws of the contracting party;
(c) if the ratification process is successful, immediately declare a state of war against the third party

(IV) Any declaration of war against one contracting party is taken to be a declaration of war against all the others. In such a case, the contracting party that did not have war declared against them is obligated to enter into the conflict within fourty-eight hours and to notify the third party aggressor of the diplomatic situation before then.


A contracting party may withdraw from the alliance at any time, under the following terms and conditions:

(a) the withdrawing party shall provide a full twenty-four hour warning before withdrawing from the allaince;
(b) the terminating party shall meet with representatives of the other contracting party to discuss grievances and attempt to negotiate an agreement to salvage the treaty at least once during this seventy-two hour period.
(c) the treaty remains fully and absolutely binding during the aforementioned seventy-two hour period.
(d) No contracting party may withdraw if another member of the alliance is at war with a third party. The withdrawing party must wait until the end of the crisis, or conflict.

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