Treaty of Surrender in the Battle of Poseidon
G.U.M. Treaty
Type of treaty Treaty of Surrender
Drafted 18 September 2010
- location
18 September 2010
- condition
18 September 2010
Both Parties agree to all terms
25px Alexander Virgili
25px Manuel De Felice
25px Republic of Atlantis
25px AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army
Languages English

The Treaty of surrender was a surrender agreement between the Republic of Atlantis and AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army that formally ended the Battle of Poseidon, during the Atlantis Civili War.

English Text Edit

This document is the official declaration of surrender between the following micronation and army.

1. Republic of Atlantis

2. AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army

Article I

  • All rebels soldiers that fight in the Battle of Poseidon can't be citizens of any micronation for al least 5 years.

Article II

Article III

Article IV

Article V

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