The Treaty of Hazad is the treaty that forces the Scandel to conform to the UPUC afte there loss in the War of the Forest.

Article 1 ;The Scandelinian miltary Edit

Section 1Edit

The Scandelinian military can never enter the UPUC territory unless given permission by the UPUC government.

Section 2Edit

The Scandelinian military cannot excede 10 defensive troopers

Section 3Edit

The Scandelinian military cannot have a navey or airfoce

Section 4Edit

The Scandelinian military cannot have any form of missiles

Article 2 ;UPUC Government in ScandelEdit

Section 1Edit

Scandels king must listen to the Chairman of the UPUC

Section 2Edit

Scandel will be partially governed by the UPUC but the king can make decisions for it is still his decision

Section 4Edit

A UPUC parliament will be placed in the country to vote on all laws

Section 5Edit

2 UPUC troopers will be in the parliament building to guard the parliament

Section 6Edit

The UPUC ranger police will have jurisdiction in Scandel

Section 7Edit

The CKA will have jurisdiction in Scandel

Article 3 ;Territory claimsEdit

Section 1Edit

Scandel cannot claim any UPUC

Article 4 ;TradeEdit

Section 1Edit

The CKA will watch all media in Scandel

Section 2Edit

The trade of all products are allowed and only the Chairman can cut trade

Article 5 ; ProtectionEdit

Section 1Edit

The UPUC will shut of all funding to the rebels

Section 2Edit

The UPUC will protected the king from attacks

Section 3Edit

The UPUC will protect you in case of any attack from another micronaton

Article 6 ;Non-agressionEdit

Section 1Edit

The Scandelinian military can only be deployed with permission by the Chairman

Section 2Edit

War between Scandel and the UPUC can only be decladed by the Chairman

Article 7 ;FlagEdit

Section 1Edit

A new flag will be given to Scandel


King of Scandel

Secretary General of the UPUC

Chairman Chance

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