To Whom It May Concern,

As I sat in my room this morning, looking blankly at my wall, I couldn't help but think about the situation concerning the micronational community and Kyng Fyrst. The fact that my Secretary of State has been bombarding me about it and the community hasn't helped much either. So as you can rightfully imagine, she is not happy about the situation. It is no secret anymore that Madam Bristow has outright protested the micronational treatment of Kyng Fyrst. In some ways, I don't blame her. I, myself, do not believe the Kyng deserves so much rude treatment but at the same time I believe that Ms. Bristow has let Starland's friendship cloud our judgement and as head of the Starlander government, I will not let that happen.

While I don't agree that what Kyng Fyrst did was right, I also don't think its right that he deserves all this negative treatment. However, I do believe that he should suffer some sort of consequence for his actions. I don't mean to sound like I am kissing the butt of every member of the MicroWiki community, but Starland's image in this community has already been damage a couple of times and I am not going to let it be damaged again. Madam Bristow can say what she likes. She has the freedom of speech, but I believe Starland has the potential to redeem itself for past problems and if Madam Bristow continues to tarnish that progress, then I have the power to dismiss her as Secretary of State.

Now, regardless of what the MicroWiki community may think of Kyng Fyrst of the Slinky Empyre, they are still our friends and allies. They will remain our friends and allies, but on a professional, diplomatic level that does not impede our decision making. If a friend or ally needs a good kick in the butt by the community and/or ourselves, we shall rise up to do it instead of play favorites. No matter our politics, no matter our images of one another, we are all a family and family sticks together. And if one or several members of our family need to be put in their place we will do so. The Slinky Empyre, Kyng Fyrst, they are a part of our "family" and right now this family needs to tell "Cousin Kyng" that what he has done was wrong and that he owes an apology to us all.

Good day!

~Her Excellency Prime Minister Destiny Elmo

Head of Government, Republic of Starland

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