The Third State of the Nation Address was delivered by Kalvin Koolidge on April 1, 2010 following the reformation of Petorio.

Address Edit

"I want to start off by saying it really is good to be back. The Republic of Petorio has finally been reformed and has returned to activity as of today. We will hopefully thrive in the year 2010."

"I haven't made a speech to the good people of Petorio in over half a year. Since August 2009 we have celebrated our one year anniversary as a Republic, Nandor has been annexed from the United States and Barry Ortiz has left micronationalism being succeeded as Vice President by Misty Miller. Petorio has also greatly expanded its borders and now claims an estimated 281.8 square kilometers with close to 478,000 people residing within our borders. I look forward to seeing great things come out of these events."

"Yesterday Vice President Miller announced that the first Supreme Justice, the head of Petorio's Judicial branch that was created by the recent amendments to our Constitution, will be Peter Bauman. Mr. Bauman is a new citizen residing in Beachfront. I wish him the best of luck in his new position."

"Our diplomatic relations with other micronations are also likely to grow in the near future. Several nations have contacted me with interest in establishing a bilateral treaty between our two nations. This is always something that I welcome."

"Well, I've been saying this since Petorio was founded, but I truly believe it should be done very soon. Petorio WILL be minting coins through Hoffman Mint very soon. We are hoping to be producing 10¢, 20¢, 50¢ and $1.00 coins. Petorian bank notes will also be redesigned in the coming weeks as well because I, personally feel that our current designs are very easy to counterfeit and do not represent the nation well. Once the Petorian Dollar is recreated as a much stronger currency, the republic will be focusing on producing passports that will be available for all citizens to buy."

"I will finish by saying that Petorio has a very bright future, we just have to govern our nation correctly and not allow it to slip into inactivity again. I believe that after the main conflict was resolved we could have easily gone back into activity by the end of 2009 however, we chose to leave this country and our citizenship behind. I am not saying that I am innocent in staying loyal to Petorio when we slipped into inactivity, though, I am saying it was wrong of all who did. Thank you for allowing me to speak today. Petorio vivir épocús."

Issues Mentioned Edit

  • Recap of events before the dissolution
  • Recap of recent events
  • New position of Supreme Justice
  • Barry Ortiz leaving micronationalism
  • Diplomatic relations with other micronations
  • Recreation of Petorio's currency
  • Creation of passports
  • Citizens leaving Petorio
  • The future of Petorio