Treaty of Peace and AllianceEdit

Section 1 - Trues Terms
clause 1 - both nations must not enter open combat against each other for a period of five (5) years.
clause 2 - neither Nation can make, sell, or post video's, book, posters, etc against the other.
clause 3 - both nations must limit their military to under 50 men, 10 planes, 10 artillery pieces, 8 ships, 3 tanks, and 3 transport vehicles. clause 4 - violation of these laws are grounds for a political and trade embargo on side nation.
Section 2 - trade
clause 1 - all trade between the two nations will be postponed for a period of 6 months.
clause 2 - trade of lumber, metal, plastic objects, military supplies, etc, are legal.
Section 3 - military
clause 1 - each nation will send a manifest of all objects and personnel in their military.
clause 2 - each nation must send a video of any military exercises to the other nation.

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