The province of Votereck was claimed by both the Republic of Sovia and the UPUC. The UPUC has written there first draft of the treaty that is to spit the province between the two of them.


The UPUC will take 3/5 of the territorie and leave 1/5 for the Republic of Sovia

The Republic of Sovia and the UPUC will share 1/5 of the land

The Republic of Sovia and the UPUC can build in both the shared territory their own land


The CKA and Ranger police will patrol both all territories in the province of Votereck

The Regint from the UPUC can rule over al of Votereck

No Sovian government will be installed


The UPUC troopers can pass through all Votereck territory and the Sovian troopers can pass through the shared territories and their own

Identification must be presented to Rangers at all times

No civilians may enter the UPUCs territory

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