The Supreme Law of the Land is the constitutional document of the United Free Kingdom of New Avalonia. It is a canon of fundamental, unbreakable laws that can only be altered with the consent of the High King of New Avalonia and 75% or more of citizens. It was written by High King Arthur, the founder of the Free United Kingdom, on the day the Kingdom was established.

Supreme LawEdit

I: The United Free Kingdom of New Avalonia is a free and independent land in which the People are the supreme authority.
II: The People of New Avalonia shall have the power to make their own laws and to overturn their rulers by speaking out in unity for or against a particularly law, policy and/or decision.
III: The High King/Queen is the ruler of all Avalonia. Upon their death or abdication, the People choose a new High King/Queen.
IV: New Avalonia shall be a land of freedom and liberty.
V: The Land is sacred, and all Avalonians are to respect the Earth. No-one may exploit the Earth, or use her soil for any foul purpose.
VI: This realm shall be founded on the common Pagan ideals of peace, and of love, and of harmony, and of justice, and of learning, and of co-operation, and of respect and of respect for the land.
VII: This realm is a land for all who wish to live a life in harmony with the Land, and who understand the great cycle of life, irrespective of their faith.
VIII: The Nobility shall administer the land, but are not afforded special voting rights. The People remain the supreme authority.
IX: All are equal irrespective of age, gender, class, wealth, sexuality, orientation, politics, faith, culture, ethnicity, race, sex or ancestry.
X: No-one may bring intentional harm to a fellow Human being, nor shall they bring pointless suffering to an animal, to a plant or to the Land.
XI: All things in creation are equal to one another spiritually, and all Humans are equal to one another legally.
XII: No-one may own a piece of the Land, nor may they own any living thing. Those who have control over land are merely it's caretakers and have a sworn duty to protect and cultivate it.
XIII: Everyone has the right to love, to marry one partner and to raise a family.
XIV: Everyone has the equal right to free healthcare, education and other opportunities for personal development.
XV: Everyone has the right to a free, open and fair trial by their peers when convicted of a crime. Everyone has the right to a trial in a foreign or independent court where such a trial will be free and fair.
XVI: No-one may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of the law.
XVII: Everyone shall work to keep the ideals of New Avalonia alive in their hearts, in their minds and in their spirits.

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