This is a list of states (i.e. Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Republics, Provinces, Provincial Republics, and Protectorates) that are being actively governed directly under the control of the Central Government of the Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T. and, as such, are considered to be sovereign territories with defined borders.

List of Territories Currently Administered by the F.A.R.T.Edit

Flag Name of State Statehood Granted Population
EastZbrizkanFlag3 Autonomous Republic of East Zbrizka 4 December 2014 2
WestZbrizkanFlag Autonomous Province of West Zbrizka 4 December 2014 21
UnnamedFlag Semi-Autonomous Province of Morussia 8 December 2014 5
MironovianFlag Semi-Constitutional Autonomous Provincial Republic of North Mironov 9 December 2014 3
GordonianFlag Autonomous Province of Gordonia 9 December 2014 1
Yivish Flag Semi-Autonomous Republic of Yivson 10 December 2014 3
2000px-Flag of Palestine.svg Semi-Autonomous Semi-Constitutional Provincial Republic of Harempatoria and Tatsumi 19 December 2014 41
FeldsprianFlag Semi-Autonomous Republic of Feldspria 5 January 2015 1
-1 Semi-Autonomous Province of Yuyzylia 8 January 2015 20
2000px-Flag of California.svg Protectorate of the National Embassy to the California Republic 11 January 2015 1
ZyakofranslavFlag Semi-Autonomous Province of Zyakoslavia 30 January 2015 6
ChudnekFlag Semi-Autonomous Republic of Chudnekistan 6 February 2015 6
CyroaxianFlag Semi-Autonomous Republic of Cyroaxia 13 February 2015 7

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