My fellow Starlanders and micronationalists,

This is one of the very rare times I speak to you and, although it is nearly midnight in Starland, it is of utmost importance.

A few days ago, a group known as Ummoasmall posted on the MicroWiki that they where fighting to have micronations legalized by submitting a petition to United States President Barack Obama. We do not wish to be offensive to anybody, but nearly everyone in Starland feels this is a very bad idea. While micronationality is not illegal, it could seriously be hurt if formally recognized by President Obama or any other world leader. Now, we highly doubt that President Obama nor anyone else will take this petition seriously, but even if he did the effects of our nations being made into autonomous entities would be our ultimate downfall. Micronationalism is about being able to express yourself and take pride in the self-made sovereignty we created without drawing too much attention from large governments. This petition that these people are creating is simply a bad idea and will only cause chaos and turmoil. The people behind this petition need a serious reality check and education on micronationality. I don't know if they think it is about hating the country your from and deciding to start one of your own or if they are just completely careless and stupid. These people are not, and should not be, considered micronationalists. As the King of Emerald Isle stated, these people are "anarchists". They are simply people trying to bring a mockery and disgrace to micronationalism. Our nation is very much like the United States as we are citizens of both nations, and we have a lot of respect for President Obama and the US as well as most other nations and world leaders. Some of our citizens have served, will serve, and have family that have served in the US military. We have a great deal of respect for our former rulers and neighbors. We all certainly hope Obama and his cabinet enjoy this laughable stunt that Ummoasmall has pulled as much as we have. Starland strongly disapproves of this group and their petition and I urge all micronations to avoid all further contact with them in the future. Starland is a proud nation, but like many, we do not wish to become fully recognized, independent entities. We have been very happy with how we are now and I'm sure many other micronations are too.

Thank you! And good night!

~Her Excellency Prime Minister Allie Hunter

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