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25 October, 2009

Okay, I formally apologize for not being able to upload an edition of the Observer in the last days, but if you are aware of the situation I'm in right now, you can understand how frustrating it is for me, and not only for Erusian officials. I don't even talk about that magic and mysterious thing called school that everyone in Italy got to attend, me included, and the amount of homework that they give to a European Baccalaureate student. I didn't see Mr.Tierney very present either during the last days (I'm not justifying myself, it's just to assume that he got a lot of work too).

About the letter written by Mr.Maisano: he's got the full right to say all the things he believes about St.Charlie; I'm not an SS Commander nor an Okrana officer and I will not fire a gunshot at his head because of what he wrote. If he believes I should be brought on trial, I let him do so. There's only one thing that I cannot accept: that small line saying "He lied". I might have not published Lethler's letter before, but there's a valid reason for that: the fact that I just couldn't due to the limitations I have in my non-micronational life right now. I can assure him and all of you that the article has been written by Mr.Nick Maggiore several days ago, but the Observer staff believed there were a few articles missing so they decided to keep it there for a while (furthermore as you can see, there's Patrizio I on the cover, so you can understand what I mean).

Most importantly, I would have published it, that's for sure. When I promise something, I do it. In this case my internet went on the way, but the edition of the St.Charlian Observer is, as you can see with your eyes, right under these letters today. If I was going to suspend the Observer, I would have written a letter or posted a message, like the Flandrensis Times, that I also thank for the job he did during the last months in micronational media. I will try to attend tonight's GUM meeting too.

Alexander Reinhardt
Prime Minister of St.Charlie

And now, the editionEdit

StCO 251009

StCO 251009pg2

StCO 251009pg3

StCO 251009pg4

StCO 251009pg5

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