(Translated to English by Marco Dresner)

          Comrades! This is the peak of blossom for freedom! The era of awakening at its height. We have moved in the time of one lunar cycle from an imperialist, fascist abyss to a democratic land of rights and liberty. But how, how I ask you, how do we maintain this new liberty, these new rights? We were banned for being leftist! Now, parties are banned for not being leftist enough! What luck, what wonderful change in the mind of the people of this nation that went through such tough times.
          But look who is waiting for us... ...the dark ghosts of imperialism: Marco Dresner and Gustav Tegel. Fair enough, comrades, Mr. Dresner lead us to freedom and that should be honored. But let us not forget, he was already part of that government of imperial scum! Between December 1st and December 6th he led the style of “Lord of Pristinia, by appointment of his former Majesty”. Should this man rule a country, the democracy of which is so faint and feeble?
          And I cannot understand that conservative moron, Mr. Tegel, who leads both the Condemners and the RMR. No, we do not want another monarchy. And we certainly don’t want fascist pigs ruling this country! I would give my life for democracy, I will not have that scum ruining what Mr. Dresner built with such acribic effort! The only true democracy is a Socialist democracy!
          Let us pray for victory, since Dresner is jeopardizing our comrades in Erusia and elsewhere. Long live communism, long live democracy, and long live the new democratic nation of Pristinia!