South State.Edit

Capital: South Point. 

Flag of the South State.

Song: Jazz Limbo.

Food: Any form of Potato.

Drink: Whisky.

Animal: House Cat.

Bird: Eagle.

Tree: Birch.

Slogan: Integrity and Honor.

Motto: bellum omnium in omnes.

Mineral: Iron.

Governstatesman: William F.

State Official Sport: Baseball.

Demonym: Southerner.

State Instrument: Trumpet.

State Gun: M249.

Laws. (Constitutional laws already included.)Edit

1. Everybody is allowed a weapon unless proven incompitant to have said weapon.

2. Drinking age is 15 years of age.

3. Smoking age is 15.

4. Marijuana, and other substance drugs are fully illegal.

5. Muslims are not permitted into the state.

6. Loitering is not considered illegal.

7. Tresspassing is illegal, killing tresspassers is legal after three warnings unless they are certified.

8. Driving age is 15.

9. Modern Feminism is illegal.

10. Patriotism is highly incouraged.

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