5 March 2009

Somplenese List of Demands that Molossia must agree to in order to end the Somplenese-Molossian War

1. Molossia must officially surrender to the Empire of Somple, Kingdom of POMHB, and Kingdom of Belaronia.

2. Molossia must become a neutral micronation, fight only in self-defense, and abolish its naval academy.

3. Molossia must allow free elections. If the people of Molossia elect Kevin Baugh as their president then he should remain president. If the people of Molossia elect someone else then President Baugh must step down. An election should be held in 2009.

4. Molossia must grant New Antrim full independence. If New Antrim wants to remain a protectorate then it will become a protectorate of Belaronia.

5. Molossia must declare an official end to its war with East Germany.

6. Molossia must acknowledge that the War with Mustachistan never occurred and was a joke. Victory Mustachistan Day (8 June) can no longer be celebrated as a Molossian National Holiday.

7. Proclamation 070326, Molossia’s new diplomacy policy of 2007 must be abandoned.

8. Martial Law shall cease in Molossia and Molossia shall adopt a liberal democratic constitution approved by the Emperor of Somple, King of Belaronia, and Viceroy of POMHB.

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