We, the People of the glorious Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis with this document declare our righ to live in peace and in freedom as a autonomus and indipendent Republic. With this document we explain the way that we are going to take to get the Independece.

  • Since diplomatic relations with Republic of Atlantis have not produced anything we will use our way to get our freedom. We think that is useless and injurious to continue this Civil War and since we have a defined kind of government and of organization we declare our self indipendent from Atlantis and his laws and oppression.
  • The territory where we live and that we have freed that is Poseidon is declared capital of the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis and from this point is under the amministration of that Republic.
  • All the Atlantis citizens are free to remain in the territory of Poseidon as citizens of the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis or to leave the Republic's territory.
  • From this point the Atlantis army and all the micronations army must be allowed by the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis for cross the Republic's territory.
  • Every kind of diplomat or ambassodor from the foreign Micronations is welcome in our territory
  • From this point the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis take the name of Socialist Federation of Makhnovist

The People.

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