• Art1:The Socialist Autonomous Republic of Atlantis is proclaimed Republic of the assemblies of the workers, of the soldiers and of the farmers.
  • Art2:Seeks as a key responsibility to delete all forms of exploitation of man by the man, completely abolishing the division of society into classes, to suppress implacably exploiters, to establish the anarcho socialist organization of society and ensure victory of libertarian socialism in all countries, the 1st congress of the rappresentatives of the Socialist Autonom Rep of Atl. acts:

In the socialization of land, private property on land is abolished and all all the land is declared patrimony of the people and passed on to workers, without redemption, on the basis of egalitarian land use.

  • Art3:In order to ensure that workers have real freedom of conscience, the Church is separated from Republic and school from the church, and is recognized to all citizens freedom of religious propaganda and antireligious.
  • Art4:In order to ensure that workers have real freedom of assembly, the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis citizens of the Republic recognizes the right to organize freely

meetings, rallies, parades, etc.. and make available to the working class and poor peasants all local suitable organization of popular assemblies, with the furniture, lighting and heating.

  • Art5:The Socialist Autonom Rep.of Atl. grants asylum to all foreigners persecuted for political and religious offenses.
  • Art6:In order to ensure that workers have effective access to culture, the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis is designed as a task of a universal, general and free to the workers and the poorest farmers.
  • Art7:Recognizing equal rights to citizens regardless of their race or nationality, Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis declares incompatible with the fundamental laws of Republic constitute or tolerance of privileges or preferences of any kind awarded on the basis race or nationality, as well as any oppression of national minorities or limitation their legal equality.
  • Art8:In order to ensure genuine freedom of workers to express their views, the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis suppresses the dependence of release from capital transfers in hands of the working class and poor peasants all the technical means and materials necessary for publication of newspapers, pamphlets, books and other printed works, and ensure their free diffusion

throughout the country.

This Constitution will be used until the elimination of the State and the fullfilling of Anarchy

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