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English Edit

Slinky currency? Edit

Could the Slinky Empyre make its own currency? Kyng Fyrst said in the daily news that he repealed Royal Proclamation 001. So that means the Slinky Empyre could make their own currency. And people can barter. And is no longer illegal. "I wonder which departments would want a new currency? I know Hayland would," Vyceroy Johnson said. And what currency could they make, and who would make it, would each department have their own currency? It's a mystery for everyone.

~Anders from the Hayland Department

Ninth department for the Slinky Empyre Edit

There are now nine departments in the Slinky Empyre. After a long wait, Kyng Fyrst finally announced the annexing of the new department. Located in the United States, in the state of Minnesota, it is the first department not fully connected by land. They have a national forest and a capitol. The ninth department is named Hayland, after all of the different kinds of grass around and in the area. It is also the first department with non-royal citizens. There is a total of four people in Hayland. The Haylandic government has already built two public buildings, and has their own website:

Unique departments: daily facts Edit

9. Hayland - most populous department
8. Lookout - Co-Vyceroys
7. Amono - closest to St. Rychard
6. Hookwood - located inside the Principality of Rukora
5. Tyncomarus - given to the Slinky Empyre by the Empire of Austenasia
4. Oak - largest department
3. Eastvale - borders 2 nations
2. Herway - home to first national park
1. St. Rychard - capital of the Slinky Empyre.

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