VI: Abdication of Midget Master Caroline III

  • Wrythe Public Park is hereby named the New Midget Base, a Province of the Midget Nation-in-Exile.
  • The former Midget Master Jonathan II, now known as HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, is hereby appointed General of the New Midget Base, and instructed to recruit a garrison of the Midget Army to protect it.
  • Midget Master Caroline III will abdicate the title, powers and duties of Midget Master at 18:00 (6 pm) this evening.
  • At 18:00 (6 pm) this evening, D.I. Sir Thomas Carter, KCP, former Commander of the Patioed Pathway, will become the Fourth Midget Master.
  • The Fourth Midget Master will be known as Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV.
  • The word "Fuhrer" in this context refers to its meaning as "Leader," not its Nazi usage.

Decreed on Thursday 4th February 2010, on the one thousand two hundred and eighty fourth day of her reign, by Midget Master Caroline III:


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