Secundomian Resolution 2 was proposed by Luke of Secundomia and Parker I.


Luke of Secundomia proposed it as an idea after he was appointed Minister of the Economy. Parker I wrote the text of the resolution and proposed it to the council. The voting went well for the resolution, backed by the president and many of the people. There were no negative votes, and all who did not vote were tallied as Abstains. The resolution stayed in the last stage, the Cabinet for the longest time, as 3 members did not vote. After staying in the cabinet for 3 weeks, Parker I decided to declare the Cabinet stagnant, and approve the resolution.


  1. The Council decides that all taxes will be banned in Secundomia.
  2. The Council decides that the president will NEVER tax Secundomian citizens, barring another resolution that nullifies this one.
  3. The People of Secundomia will be encouraged to impeach the Secundomian president if that president attempts to tax Secundomians, unless he is proposing another resolution in favor of taxation.


Citizen's CouncilEdit

For: 3
Abstain: 1

House of GovernorsEdit

For: 3
Abstain: 1


For: 2
Abstain: 3

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