This is a list of all Secundomian Resolutions proposed before the Secundomian Legislature.

List of ResolutionsEdit

The term used to refer to the Resolution during voting is in parentheses.

Resolution 1 (Resolution 2)Edit

Resolution 1

Deals with the issues of Sterling's Autonomy. Proposed by Parker I

Resolution 2 (Resolution 3)Edit

Resolution 2

Bans taxes in Secundomia. Proposed by Luke and Parker I.

Resolution 3 (Resolution 6)Edit

Resolution 3

Approves territory of Southern Cipania. Proposed by Parker I.

Resolution 4 (Resolution 5)Edit

Resolution 4

Decides upon a coat of arms for Secundomia. Proposed by Parker I and Spencer I.

Resolution 5 (Resolution 9)Edit

Resolution 5

Approves new Territorial Zoning laws.

List of Failed ResolutionsEdit

Failed Resolution 1 (Resolution 1)Edit

Failed Resolution 1

First resolution ever to be proposed, deals with the legislature of Secundomia. Proposed by Luke.

Failed Resolution 2 (Resolution 7)Edit

Failed Resolution 2

Deals with National Sport of Secundomia. Proposed by Parker I.

Failed Resolution 3 (Resolution 4)Edit

Failed Resolution 3

Deals with the Secundomian Coat of Arms. Proposed by Nate I.

Failed Resolution 4 (Resolution 8)Edit

Failed Resolution 4

Deals with the Secundomian flag. Proposed by President Snow.

Failed Resolution 5 (Resolution 10)Edit

Failed Resolution 5

Deals with Structural Zoning issues, first resolution to be withdrawn by proposer. Proposed by Parker I, and withdrawn by Parker I.

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