The Secretary General of the United Provinces Under Chance, Secretary General Riley, took control of the Kingdom of Lowsia on September 5th 2010. The King and the Parliament gave power to the UPUC and the Secretary General is now there leader. The Kingdom's king gave power to him for "the UPUC is has a larger army and they are much more powerful." There were riots in the kingdom and they needed help. The government had no control of the nation. There were more rioters then officers in the whole micronation and they were moving in on the capitl. The UPUC then deployed 15 troopes and they got there as quick as they possibly could. They ended up having to use airsoft guns to stop the riots. The King gave up his reign to the Secretary General. The other parts of the government are still operational. The Secretary General told the press he will make no further Statements on the matter.

The Secretary General will not give up his power for at least 3 months.

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