The second Triune armistice proposl is an armistice proposal between members of the Triune Alliance and, if agreed on, will be issued to the Carolinian Rebels.


The preliminary terms for peace negotiations with the Carolinian Rebels are as follows.

  1. Total cessation of operations 3 hours after the signature of the armistice.
  2. The Carolinian rebels will disarm, disband all foreign mercenary forces, and unconditionally surrender to the (Esmondian) Austenasian government.
  3. The Carolinian rebels will give their total and unconditional surrender to the legitimate Austenasian Government and the members of the Triune Alliance.
  4. Should any foreign governments attempt to endanger the peace negotiations, they will be declared antagonists and reported to their respected intermicronational organization to be dealt with accordingly.

See alsoEdit

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