The Second State of the Nation Address of the Republic of Petorio was delivered by president Kalvin Koolidge on August 13, 2009.

Address Edit

"So we've made it almost a year now without any major struggles within our own country. Since I delivered my last address to the Republic, we have grown to be a very large nation within our own borders and online among the "MicroWiki States" and the Grand Unified Micronational. Since the inaugural State of the Nation address our territories have been organized, Acadia has been acquired as well as a new flag. Also, a language has been created, a war started that involved Petorio, several laws passed and I even served as Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational organization. That was the last era of our history, I can assure you this next one will be greater."

"As you all know constitutional reforms will take place soon, hopefully before September 26th, our anniversary. These reforms will clear up many issues in the Republic such as the legality of many things (murder was technically legal until June 6, 2009.) Before the reforms we will annex our 7th province, however I will not release much more information on this as we are still looking for a location and do not yet have many citizens interested in governing the new territory. When the territory is annexed they will not have representation in Parliament until Decembers elections."

"Today I will also announce plans to order passports and coins for any citizens interested. The coins will be ordered through Hoffman Mint."

"In the future I would like the Parliament to discuss my Parliamentary Representation plan which was ignored. I would also like to organize Provincial government a little more in the future, especially when the population grows, at the moment there is only a governor that merely holds a title proudly."

"Before I finish I would like to thank Vice President Ortiz, Senator Miller, Governor Williams and the strongest allies of Petorio, Francisville, St. Charlie, Erusia and New Scientopia. Thank you, Bún Noté and Petorio vivir épocús"

Issues Mentioned Edit

  • Reflection on events in previous months
  • Constitutional reforms
  • Annexation and organization of new province
  • December Parliament elections
  • Plans to print passports and mint coins
  • Parliamentary Representation plan
  • Organization of provincial government
  • Help from allies

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