II: Dissolution of the Midget Empire

  • The Midget Empire hereby surrenders control over the Midget Base, Watchpost, Rebel Side, Line, Lower Playground, Upper Playground, Patioed Pathway and Quiet Area Pathway.
  • The Midget Empire hereby removes its protection of the Quiet Area. The Quiet Area is no longer a Protectorate of the Midget Empire.
  • Any and all remaining garrisons of the Midget Army are hereby ordered to disband.
  • Any and all remaining Commanders and/or Governors of the Midget Empire are hereby removed from those positions.
  • All territorial claims of the Midget Empire are hereby withdrawn.

Decreed on Wednesday 30th December 2009, on the one thousand two hundred and forty eighth day of her reign, by Midget Master Caroline III:


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