Maharawal Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot of Kingdom of Rajputistan devises SIS system on 18 May 2009.

This system sets some standard laws and methods of classification for micronations.


In this section we will discuss about war, rules of wars. Role of Intermicronational allies, etc.

Types of warsEdit

There are 2 types of war. First type is- REAL war and Cyber war.

Real WarEdit

In such wars there is use of physical strength against another nation in form of hand to hand fight, air soft weapons, fire arms, etc.

Cyber warEdit

A friendly cyber war is mostly fought through multimedia games like Rise of Nations. When the war is not friendly, then it is fought by hacking passwords of Emails, destroying online resources of other nation, etc.

Role of Military AllianceEdit

Military Allies can help each other during wars. But first the ally as a whole has to declare war against another nation.

Rules of the warEdit

1. If you want a war against another nation then first you have to declare war on that nation. 2. Hacking and other cyber abuse are legal against the nation you are on war. But during peace cyber abuses are illegal. 3. If an military ally want to fight a war against another military ally or an single nation then, that allay as a whole have to declare war. 4. Reason behind the declaration of the war must present in your declaration of the war.


This manual declares that English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Interlingua are official languages.


Every religion is one. There can't be discrimination on basis of religion. But however, declaring official religions, banning one religion is allowed. But it is recommended that nations give right to follow any religion to there citizens.

Classification of MicronationsEdit

This document recognises Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification as official. Link:

Intermicronational RecognisationEdit

This system is currently only recognised by Kingdom of Rajputistan. But Rajputistan had posted a Resolution at OAM seeking Official recognisation.

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