As first I think that I should respond of the defamatory accusations that i put on this page of history. If there is someone that has amended the truth this one isn't surely me. I have a declaration of the former vice-president Manuel de Felice that tells that he hasn's signed anything so all this "Treaty of surrender" is all a stage. I admit my mistakes: your attempt of corrupting De Felice is happened the evening of Saturday 18th of September 2010 not Sunday 19. So if there isn't a sign all the treaty is invalid and as conseguence of this the whole armed conflict is staged by the Atlantis secret service and the Army. Now i can reply you one more techineques problems: De Felice was processed as counter-revolutionary the 19th of September but only the 20th of September i discovered the truth so i hadn't the phisical time to give him his old office or a new one. Mr George Brown is not a historical character but it's the pseudonym of one of our Swedish comrade(if you have noticed we get 9 more citizens in the Republic all coming from Sweden). I kindly invite you to tell the truth to all your allies and your soldiers. The show is ended, soon the Revolution will came in your territory defeating all the conservatives,revisionists and fascists burocrat of the state.

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