All Micronations under jurestriction of the Eastern Emperor are regognized but may be unregognized

  • Western Emperor is Regognized as Declanus as he will be known as Declanus Ceaser Magestus in the Elefthfrian Empire
  • Crown Prince Jonathan is named Ceaser of Elefthfria.
  • New Canada is Regognized
  • Spanionte is Regognized
  • Saxon Empire is Regognized
  • Demetrios III is the Eastern Emperor, Declanus Ceasar Magestus is the Western Emperor
  • Demetrios is the Greek form of James the Emperors First name the ordinal III is from Grand-father, father, himselth
  • Therefor Emperor Demetrios III is the official name of the Emperor of Elefthfria
  • All Elefthfria Currently until government formation is final is an Monarchial Dictotorship
  • Elefthfria issues war to micronation with land in South Carolina, Excluding Newus Europa


Pete 15:05, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

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