Statement from the PresidentEdit

Fellow micronational leaders and citizens, this is the President of the United Univist States, President McNeil, and this is the UUSs official standing on our Declaration of War against the world. Please excuse the messiness of the following statement(I'm not the best at editing things on MicroWiki).

  • 1st I will answer a few of the questions asked. NO, this is not the UUS making some ridiculous statement so that we may go out with a 'boom'. It is quite the opposite actually, and I will explain this more in detail later. And the micronationalist who said that the UUS will 'not make it until July' is nothing more than an idiot, I am very interested in how this man/woman will destroy us I doubt very seriously that the whole community could destroy us.
  • Now to explain our reasons. 1st, we believe that war ALWAYS has positive effects on societies and why should this be any different? When I look at some micronations I laugh, they actually post things about M-16 airsoft guns being their weopon for their military! Now, possibly this war will bring about changes in nations.

2nd, of course we are not doing this solely to benefeit foreign peoples. We do this to expand our borders and influence on the micronational world. 3rd, we HAVE(as one micronationalist asked in a msg to me) been disrespected by several micronations in the past month. Of course we do not expect to destroy all micronations and become 'supreme rulers of the world', we hope however to damage many nations. Now to our voiding of alliances. We have voided all of our previous alliances, and we have done this so that we may rid ourselves of nations that could and would not support us. We do have a proposition to all nations though. If your goals are similar to ours, or if you only want to do it for the 'adventure' you are welcome to join with us. The nations who join will start a new organization with us, and all member nations will keep all their previous land and will gain more land as we win the war. If you are interested simply email us at the email posted on United Univist States microwiki page. This is the first of several statement to be made by me. Expect another very soon. President M.A McNeil

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