Eniarkian Presidential Address

for January 18th, 2010

Date January 18th, 2010
Location Vicis Presidential Palace
Matter of Discussion New Europe v.s. Eniarku
Territorial Dispute

"Our Federal Government, along with myself, have not been allies with the Empire of New Europe for a very long time. But, as of today (January 18, 2010), we are a part of a territorial dispute between our two great nations. Now. When I woke up this morning, I never in a hundred years would have expected myself to be writing this address now. I would never wish to see two great nation's relationship to be destroyed by a territorial dispute such as this. So now. I stand here before the people of Eniarku, its government, and the Micronational Community as a whole and say this: As long as my body, mind, and soul are intact, I will never let something as small and insignificant as this destroy my nation and its people. We can and always will find a solution to our problems, no matter how big, small, wide, or tall, and we will keep our great nation as intact as ourselves."

Thank You and God Bless Eniarku!