This is the old constitution of the UPUC to see the new reform click on UPUC Government Reform


The UPUC constitution is the primary document of the United Provinces Under Chance and was written by the first Secretary General Riley. The constitution is the same as any macronation's constitution


The United Provinces will ensure protection and your protection by law. The point of the UPUC is to create a perfect nation. To do this we must write the constitution and there we have this document.

Article one-Leadership of the stateEdit

The State is a dictatorship controlled by the Overlord and his regime. The regime allows the dictator to split up his power and they do not represent areas in which he does not control.

The United Provinces under Chance's Government is split into three branches: royal, divisional and executive. Each branch has a specific jurisdiction. The branches are there to split up the power of the Overlord so he does not have to manage everything. The points of the branches are not to take power away from the Overlord for he is the supreme power. The branches let there be more order in the government and let the power be specifically distributed through the government positions. The branches allow the government to be more describable and it lets some positions have a break while others work.

The royal branch consists of only the Overlord who is the supreme dictator of the UPUC. The royal branch is the Dictator and his family. The jobs of the royal branch are to run the micronation with undisputed power. The branch is uncontested and has infinite jurisdiction over all departments and branches. The royal branch makes laws and decrees. They do not do any online or on air work other then speeches. Most speeches are written by the executive branch members

The executive branch is the branch that controls the nation online and on air. The branch rules the nation when the Overlord cannot be contacted or is enable to act. The branch also acts as advisors to the Overlord. The executive branch members also each control a department of the divisional branch and they manage both the department and the micronation.

The divisional branch is all the secretaries of the departments and the Chief Judge. The branch is there for the purpose of separating the jurisdiction between multiple members and not for the purpose of making the Overlord less powerful. The divisional branch members each control only there department other then the Chief of Operations who controls the CKA in the department of interior and the Armed Forces. The Chief Judge is also not head of any department but is the head of all policing and punishments.

The UPUC has 10 positions but it will accept proposals to create new ones by citizens of the UPUC. The 10 positions include all three branches of the government. The first position is the Overlord who is head of state and nation and is the commander in chief of the nation itself. The next inline to the throne is the Secretary General who is in charge of the web sites and The Department of international affairs. Next inline is the Secretary Commander and the High General who is both equal in rank. Both the High General and Secretary Commander control a department in the divisional branch. The Secretary Commander controls all vetoing in the nation as well. The Chief Judge also is an important figure for he is head of the court and controls all punishment. Also the Chief Judge is the representative of the Overlord in his absence. The other five positions are secretaries of there department other then the Chief of Operations who is head of the Armed Forces. Each department head of a department is the head of everything in the department’s jurisdiction.

Article two- Jurisdiction and Department ResponsibilitiesEdit

Curtain government positions have curtain jusrisdiction. Jurisdiction is what shows the responsibilities if the official. The jurisdiction also makess sure people only work in there department in the divisional branch. The royal and executive branch have unlimited jurisdiction but they have curtain areas in which they work. Jurisdiction only truly for the divisional branch. The jurisdiction of one person is the way that one person can know if it is there job or not. The failure to work in your own jurisdiction is a government crime in the UPUC. The failure to work in your own jurisdiction may force you out of your position, criminal trials or even the CKA detention center.The only one who can get away with working outside of their own jurisdiction is the Chief of Operations for he is the head of the Cenetral Knowedge agency.

Each department of the divisonal branch has its own responsibilities and the branch must manage those and work on keeping there department orderly. The department must do there duties to keep the country strong and faiure to do so may leed in criminal charges or exile.

Article three- CourtEdit

The court is either run by the Chief Judge, Officer Tribune or the war council. The Chief Judge is for normal crimes and acts as both the Judge and the Jury of the court. The officer tribune is for military crimes only and the war council is for high profile crimes. What the Judge says is final and he can condemn you even if you have no official court hearing because in his presence it is a court. The judge can end the court at any time and can use any form of punishment for any crime. The court does not have written down laws or any form of knowing what punishment the judge should or should not do. The only other way of criminal trials is if the Overlord himself acts as the judge of a high profile crime. The executive branch members can pardon any member if they have a valid reason and they present it to court. Also the Overlord can padon anyone if he would like to without going to court. Paying off the judge or the pardoner will lead to banishments for both the judge/pardoner and the criminal

Article four- Economy and TaxesEdit

The economy is for the greater good of the people and not the individual. The tax rate is very low and the government gives out loans to people and companies within the nation with a 5% increase per month for money under $115 and 11% a year for money over $115 and loans are only for citizens of the United Provinces Under Chance and they must be paid back or you will be condemned to 1000 flogs and 5 months in prison. The UPUC stock market is also part of the UPUC government and is a major part of the economy and how to indicate if it is going up or down. If the economy falls into a depression the state will elect an econmic official to mange the economy. The government can never give up on the state even if in the worst depression in the history of man.

Article five- Province GovernmentEdit

The Provinces are lead by the person with either a political or military position of power in the United Provinces Joint army or Joint Government. If two government positions are in the same province the power goes to the more important of the two and if they are equal in power then the higher in the military is rewarded with the power to control the province. If there are two in equal military and equal political power they flip a coin every two months for power. If they are equal in military and they have the same political power they also flip a coin. If they are equal in military and have no political power the Overlord chooses. If none in the political system of army they are chosen by the Chief Judge. There can be multiple leaders in one province and they can have a uni-party system if they would like.

Article six- Martial Law, Ranger Police and the CKAEdit

The three polices of the United Provinces have full jurisdiction over all departments and provinces. The Ranger Police are like the United States SWAT team and they are used only for high profile people. The CKA need no warrants for arrest or searches and need not to tell you why you are being arrested for 8 days. The CKA detention center needs no trial and they are fully arrested for 11 days. The CKA can take you for almost anything and ca takes down any media including personal property. The CKA can change the security level if needed as well. The CKA can pardon anyone from crime and they can protect anyone from the martial law enforcers but not the Ranger Police for they have official orders from the government. The UPUC martial law police force needs warrants and they have limited arresting powers. They cannot touch any political figure what so ever and they can not arrest any CKA agent or pardoned person.

Article seven- Human RightsEdit

All people are created equal

All people have the right to own guns

All people have the freedom of religion

All people have the right to a court hearing unless in the CKA detention center

All people can not be discriminated against by there race, religion, sex or language

All people have the freedom of movement

All people have the freedom to run for office before the House of Lords

All people have the right to join a peaceful organization

Article eight- WarEdit

In the event of the Chief of Operations will give over his second in command power to two of the three generals. The two generals are selected by the Secretary General. The Overlord is always in complete control of the army. The two generals are each heads either the armored division or the infantry division. There are also two regiments of the San Francisco area for they have so many residents around the area. Each of the generals out rank all other soldiers other then the Overlord so they do not only have to limit there jurisdiction to one of the divisions of the army. The other general is demoted to commander during the war but will be promoted once the war is over for three days.


The UPUC constitution is not final for the House of Lords or the Overlord can create an amendment. The amendments are laws as well as an update on the constitution. An amendment is just like an amendment to the United States constitution.

First AmendmentEdit

The first amendment of the UPUC prohibits the War Council from making final says in any matters other then going to war. The war council can only advise the Overlord for he is the supreme dictator. The war council cannot create any laws or cannot do anything unless the Overlord is not able to be contacted or is unable to decide on the matter.The House of Lords is now how laws and amendments are made and they are like the old War Council. To run for office you must stand before the House of Lords and to be impeached you are voted own by the House of Lords.

Second AmendmentEdit

The UPUC can never give up its independence to another nation. The nation may never be controlled by another micronation or no government can take over the UPUC government. The nation cannot give up its independence for any time period no matter what state of economic or political turmoil. Failure to be lead by the Overlord is against the constitution.

Third AmendmentEdit

The UPUC allows other micronation to merge with the UPUC as colonies. A colony is lead by there government but must abide by the rules of the UPUC constitution. The colony can create their own laws but they cannot be against the constitution in any way. The colony must abide by the nations rules as well as there state rules. The UPUC government also will take over another nation if they need help.

Fourth AmendmentEdit

The UPUC grants citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the UPUC. The naturalization process is just taking a simple test and the test is posted online for all to view. The UPUC also can take any citizenship away from a citizen. The UPUC will start to create Identification Cards, Military ID's, Government Cards and the Citizen Data base for citizens.

Fifth AmendmentEdit

In times of war only one who controls the army is the Overlord unless he is inable to be contacted. Also the Chief of operations will give his command over to the two selected Generals. There will be two generals in war and they each have their own jobs but they also outrank all other members. The first general if the infintry general who controls the infintry and the second general is the armeord division controlling the navey, calvary, war macines, artillery and airforce. The second general is also known as admiral in the navey.

Sixth AmendmentEdit

All resolutions made by the parliament must be approved by the Overlord. All laws are not finalized until both the Overlord and parliament approve the law and/or amendments. The point of the Parliament is not to take power away from the Overlord but give more to the people.

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