To Mr. Lethler:

I have already explained to you my views on this now ridiculously overblown issue, but as you have published a response on MicroCommons, I am now obliged to respond to this.

I will now respond to the relevant points (i.e. regarding the OAM) made in this reponse (Lethler's_Response_to_Barrington's_Political_Criticisms).

1. "Once again, a leading member state of the Organisation of Active Micronations has come out attacking the Grand Unified Micronational and myself without any logical justification for their criticisms. It seems that there is a trend emerging among members of this institution demonstrating that it is concerned almost entirely with a political crusade against both the GUM and the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia."

Firstly, there are no "leading" member nations in the OAM. Every member of The Council is equal, with most being as active as each other.

Secondly, as I have repeatedly stated in many places at many different times, the OAM is not "...concerned almost entirely with a political crusade against both the GUM and the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia".

As Joe Foxon, Egtavia and myself have repeatedly pointed out, the comments that Mr. Foxon made on the OAM talk page, and, for that matter, those of Danvania, do not reflect any sort of policy ever enacted, adopted or otherwise endorsed by the OAM. As Joe Foxon correctly stated: "We have in no way implied anything about the OAM because my personal opinion is not necessarily the view of the entire organisation."

2. "I cannot help but wonder if they even discuss anything else in their secretive forum - I highly doubt it."

Our forums are no more "secretive" than the GUM chat room, and should not be called that. Every member nation (save for suspended ones) has full access to the OAM forums, much the same as the GUM chat room.

And, as a matter of fact, out of the eight (8) resolutions adopted or rejected by The Council since its formation, only one has regarded the GUM.

Finally, as I have already said, this entire issue has been blown completley out of proportion, and I would like to ask that everyone involved take a step back, deep breath and enjoy Christmas and the New Year festivities.

Sir. Philip Fish
A-One 04:00, December 22, 2009 (UTC)