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Resolution No. 9</div></div>

Resolution Number 9
Organ The Council
Date 19th December 2009
Proposed by Barrington
For 4
Abstention 0
Against 4
Subject OAM Parliament
Result Rejected

The Question of OAM ParliamentEdit

The Council;

Having considered that a leadership position may cause abuse of power

Noting the need for a such a position in The Council

1. Creates the positions of 'Micronational Member of Parliament'

2. Decides that such a position be implemented under the following conditions:

a. Three positions will be occupied following a monthly election.
b. Any members of the OAM may hold the position of MMP.
c. The position may be held for a maximum of two terms.
d. After the two terms are up, a member state may not stand for re-election until another two terms have passed.
e. The position will involve:
i. Maintaining order within The Council
ii. Providing extra support for the Secretariat
iii. Moderating The Council thread on the OAM forums
iv. Any other duties as outlined by the Secretariat

3. Amends the OAM Charter so as to include the details outlined in (2)