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Resolution No. 8</div></div>

Resolution Number 8
Organ The Council
Date 23rd December 2009
Proposed by A1
For 2
Abstention 0
Against 0
Subject 'MicroWiki' Issues
Result Adopted

The Question of 'MicroWiki Issues'Edit

The Council;

Noting the increasing number of 'non-MicroWiki' micronations joining the OAM

Acknowledging that resolutions only concerning MicroWiki-related events are of no concern to them

Realising that such issues must also not be ignored by the OAM;

1. Decides that 'MicroWiki Issues' and non-'MicroWiki Issues' be separated

2. Defines 'MicroWiki Issue' as any matter concerning events occurring on MicroWiki, micronations mainly active on MicroWiki and any other issue mainly or completely involving MicroWiki

3. Establishes the 'Organisation of Active Micronations MicroWiki Committee' (OAMMC) to rectify the said issue

4. Decides the OAMMC:

a. To be open, in terms of membership, to any OAM member concerned with 'MicroWiki Issues'
b. To deliberate on matters and resolutions mainly or entirely concerning 'MicroWiki Issues'
c. To operate on a similar structure to The Council
d. To have a member nation appointed as the Chair of the OAMMC by the Secretary-General
e. To be open and accountable to The Council
f. To act as an organ of the OAM and not a seperate entity

5. Determines to remain seized of the matter.


The Council passed Resolution 31 on 12 March 2010, revoking Resolution 8.