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Resolution No. 5</div></div>

Resolution Number 5
Organ The Council
Date 22nd November
Proposed by A1
For 4
Abstention -
Against -
Subject The Definition of 'Active'
Result Adopted

The Question of the Definition of 'Active'Edit

The Council;

Noting that the current definition of an 'active micronation', being logging in to the OAM's forums ever 5 days, as outlined in the OAM Charter, is too narrow

Acknowledging that the definition needs to be expanded

Realising the importance of addressing this issue:

1. Decides that the current definition needs to be expanded to 14 days

2. Amends the Preamble of the OAM Charter so as to read: "...defined as logging in to the organisation’s forums or maintaining contact with the Secretariat of the Organisation at least every fourteen days, unless..."

3. Remains aware of the issue

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