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Resolution No. 44</div></div>

Resolution Number 44
Organ The Council
Date 12th May 2010
Proposed by RrSA
For 9
Abstention 1
Against 1
Subject Introduction Forum Section
Result Adopted

Question of Introduction Forum SectionEdit

The Council,

Noting the numerous micronation introductions in the "unrelated" section of the forums,

Noting the need for better organization,

Noting the need to find these introductions quicker,

Noting that these introductions are not "unrelated" and therefore should have a specific section of the forums,

Noting that this may not need a formal resolution and asks the Secretary-General to withdraw and enforce if so,

1.Decides to create a "Micronation Introduction" section of the forums under "other discussion",
2.Decides that introductions of nations shall go there instead of the "unrelated" section,
3.Decides to move all introductions to the "Micronational Introduction" section,
4.Decides to have the application reply Email state to now put the nation introductions in this section.

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