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Resolution No. 42</div></div>

Resolution Number 42
Organ The Council
Date 23rd April 2010
Proposed by A1
For 13
Abstention 0
Against 0
Subject OAM Projects
Result Adopted

The Question of OAM Projects Edit

The Council;

Acknowledging that separate committees and/or bodies for individual projects is impractical and imposes excessive bureaucracy on the Organisation,

Noting that one centralised authority to administrate all projects of the Organisation is the most effective solution;

1. Establishes the Organisation of Active Micronations Projects Committee (OAMPC) under the following conditions:

a) The Committee shall be made up of three member nations, with one member acting as Chairman of the Committee
b) The Committee shall be tasked with the competent and smooth running of all projects commissioned in the Organisation, including all existing projects, with the exception of the OAM Herald
c) Initial committee members will be decided by a vote, under voting procedures previously established by The Council
d) Members of the committee may withdraw at any time
e) The Committee shall replace all existing authorities for separate Organisation projects

2. Decides the functions of the OAMPC to be:

a) Ensure the competent and smooth running of all projects of the Organisation
b) Ensure project deadlines are met
c) Co-ordinate all projects
d) Organise and carry out the steps needed to establish & run a project
e) Ensure that micronations with non-Organisational vested interests are included in projects, where applicable

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