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Resolution No. 41</div></div>

Resolution Number 41
Organ The Council
Date 23rd April 2010
Proposed by A1
For 8
Abstention 0
Against 0
Subject OAM Projects
Result Adopted

The Question of OAM Projects Edit

The Council;

Noting that the Organisation would benefit from making use of its large and diverse membership base to engage in worthwhile micronational projects,

Noting that a survey of micronations would beneficial to the micronational community, general public & the Organisation,

Noting that such a comprehensive survey of micronations is lacking but necessary,

Acknowledging that the successful completion of this project would rely on work and commitment from willing members of the Organisation,

Affirming that such a project be strictly voluntary;

1. Decides to commission a ‘Micronational Survey’ project,

2. Decides that the project have the aim of listing the name and location (if applicable/possible to know) of as many micronations as can be found,

3. Affirms that the project be strictly voluntary and open only to the Organisation’s member nations,

4. Invites member nations to add information to the document which will be made available online for all member nations to contribute,

5. Decides that following the completion of the compilation of the information in the online document, this information be compiled into a report and made available to the general public,

6. Emphasises that the project will take considerable time, in recognition of the effort and research involved,

7. Determines to remain seized of the matter.

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