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Resolution No. 39</div></div>

Resolution Number 39
Organ The Council
Date 11th April 2010
Proposed by A1
For 9
Abstention 1
Against 1
Subject UFSM Committee
Result Adopted

The Question of the UFSM Committee Edit

The Council;

Noting with concern the recent report authored by Erusian Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Robert Lethler,

Acknowledging that the UFSM has a right of reply;

1. Decides to invite the Grand Unified Micronational to establish a joint justice committee to officially put the UFSM & its purported leaders on trial,

2. Decides that should the invitation be accepted, the committee be established under the following conditions:

a) The committee shall be chaired by a member nation with experience in dealing with inter-micronational disputes and is regarded as a neutral party by both organisations
b) The committee shall have two member nations of each organisation as other members of the committee
c) The trial shall extend for no longer than two weeks from its commencement
d) The prosecutor shall deliver an opening speech with witnesses (if applicable) followed by the defendant's speech with witnesses (if applicable) followed by questions from the committee
e) Each member of the committee shall have the right to ask questions of both prosecutor and defendant following their respective speeches
f) The Chairman of the committee reserves the right to eject any member of the committee, the prosecutor, defendant or any witnesses if they believe that they are disrupting proceedings enough so as to merit their ejection
g) Upon the conclusion of proceedings, the majority vote and subsequent decision of the committee must be accepted by all parties concerned and released to the public
i) The committee shall be named the Joint Committee on Allegations against United Federation of Socialist Micronations (JCAUFSM)

3. Determines to remain seized of the matter.

NOTE This resolution is classified as 'important' under Chapter 3, Article 6, Clause 6 of the OAM Charter, and hence, voting shall extend for three (3) days.

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