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Resolution No. 35</div></div>

Resolution Number 35
Organ The Council
Date 22nd March 2010
Proposed by A1
For n/a
Abstention n/a
Against n/a
Subject OAM Charter
Result Withdrawn

The Question of the OAM CharterEdit

The Council;

Noting the rising activity levels in the Organisation

Acknowledging that speedier procedure is required in The Council:

1. Decides to amend Chapter 3, Article 6, Clause 6 the OAM Charter to strike " (7) days..." and replace with "...five (5) days..." so as to read: "Voting periods shall extend for five (5) days, with voting to close on the deliberating matter after this period of time has elapsed, or until all members of The Council are registered to have voted, except in exceptional circumstances".