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Resolution No. 29</div></div>

Resolution Number 29
Organ The Council
Date 3rd March 2010
Proposed by A1
For 7
Abstention 0
Against 0
Subject Virtual Embassies
Result Adopted

The Question of Virtual EmbassiesEdit

The Council;

Thanking the member nations who have brought this idea forward

Noting that OAM virtual embassies would be beneficial to the Organisation & its public profile;

1. Decides to create an online embassy for each member nation, should they desire the opportunity to have one

2. Decides that each member nation be responsible for their embassy if they decide to have one

3. Decides that one (1) subdomain of the OAM URL be made available for each embassy

4. Ensures that inactive member nations' embassies are removed upon their suspension

5. Calls on member nations to ensure that their embassies remain up-to-date

6. Calls on member nations to include at least the following in their embassies:

a. A link to the micronation's website (if any)
b. Contact details for the micronation
c. RSS Feed of the OAM Herald (upon its completion)
d. Link to the OAM website or forum