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Resolution No. 26</div></div>

Resolution Number 26
Organ The Council
Date 3rd March 2010
Proposed by Wyvern
For 2
Abstention 3
Against 6
Subject New Europe
Result Rejected

Condemn New EuropeEdit

The Council:

Noting the pro-White and facistic [sic] appearence [sic] of New Europe

Noting that they use Nazi-German Symbols

Condemning New Europe on his facist [sic], racist thoughts

1. Condemns the New Europe for its barbaric beliefs

2. Deciding that they may never join the OAM

3. Decides to use political pressure to:

a. Change there [sic] barbaric symbols
b. Remove there [sic] facist [sic] way of thinking

4. Hoping to break all Alliances with them.

As Argument:

Quote: "However New Europe does not condemn the actions of the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War."

Quote:"The U.R.N.A. was founded by three people who wanted to secure a healthy and bright future for Europeans of the United States and Canada. Originally starting as a white supremacist movement, the U.R.N.A. was bent on strict policies of racial superiority, and ethnic cleansing."