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Resolution No. 24</div></div>

Resolution Number 24
Organ The Council
Date 1st March 2010
Proposed by Slinky Empyre
For 1
Abstention 1
Against 5
Subject Internal Misconduct
Result Rejected

The Question of Internal MisconductEdit

The Council;

Desiring to make the forums of the OAM a welcoming place;

Encouraging members to avoid behavior that is harmful to an attitude of peace and friendship;

1. Warns members that unnecessary bickering, by anyone in this forum, will not be tolerated, and any members doing so will be warned on their further conduct.

2. Warns that if members continue their arguments after they have been warned, they shall be banned for a period of five days.

3. Increases the banishment period by five more days for every time the offending members continue such debate after any of their previous banishment(s).