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Resolution No. 19</div></div>

Resolution Number 19
Organ The Council
Date 18th February 2010
Proposed by Victoria
For 5
Abstention 2
Against 3
Subject Forum Structure
Result Adopted

The Question of Forum StructureEdit

The Council:

Noting a desire to become open and welcoming to All active Micronations;

1. Decides to open the following forums to unregistered guests

a. Help & support;
b. Elections;
c. Micronational Directory;
d. Unrelated;
e. Resolutions sub forum Passed;
f. Resolutions sub forum Failed;
g. Secretary-General.

2. Decides that registration is still required to post.

3. Decides that sub Forum "Assembly" be created to hold the following forums:

a. Proposed Resolutions;
b. Resolutions under considereation.

4. Decides that sub Forum "Assembly" be private to Members only.

5. Affirms the understanding to become more open and transparent to the people whilst understanding to need to keep private activities solely taken on Member States.

6. Decides that provisions for open and closed forums should be reviewed.