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Resolution No. 17</div></div>

Resolution Number 17
Organ The Council
Date 16th February 2010
Proposed by A1
For 0
Abstention 3
Against 6
Subject Social Interaction
Result Rejected

The Question of Social InteractionEdit

The Council:

Noting that more social interaction between member nations would be beneficial

Emphasising that any such program would be voluntary;

1. Decides to implement a 'social interaction' program for OAM members

2, Decides that such a program be implemented in the online nation simulation game 'Cybernations'

3. Affirms that any events or actions in the game are kept separate from 'real' micronational affairs and that they would not necessarily represent the views of any micronation

4. Affirms that non-participation would not impact a member nation in any negative way

5. Decides that such a program be strictly voluntary